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Sep 16
12:00 pm

The Wicked Wheel
10025 Hutchison Blvd. Panama City Beach, FL 32408

As you may know, Tonya Stevenson was in a tragic automobile accident that changed her life. She was left paralyzed and has spent the time following the accident enduring six separate surgeries to save her left arm. This prevented her from receiving physical therapy she has so needed. Tonya has regained some feeling and sensation but without the further intense physical therapy her recovery will plateau.  Her limited insurance will not pay for what she needs to come back to Tonya again. We and the physicians feel that with the opportunity to succeed, she will to her fullest.

Tonya is a graduate of Hernando High School in Brooksville, Florida, where she participated in gymnastics and karate. She was a valued softball player a pitcher and left fielder who took the team to the World Series. After moving to Panama City Beach, Florida, she wanted to assume the culture and learned to skate board and eventually Surfing became her love. (And she is great at it!) With Panama City being a very seasonal town, Tonya worked at the well renowned Pineapple Willy’s Restaurant for six years as a server and a valued and respected employee. Her most important job, however, is as a mother. She so needs and wants this to return to her home and continue to raise her beautiful son, Mason. Tonya is a single mother and is determined to work her hardest to improve to her fullest to be able to be the best Mother she can be. Please help us give her that chance.

The cost to the family is insurmountable including home modifications, a modified vehicle and nursing care. Tonya wishes to continue intense physical therapy and there is none in our local area. She is now in Jacksonville at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital and insurance has given notice of her pending release. Tonya has been asked to stay on as an advocate and may use their outpatient facilities daily. She will need funding for housing and care while there.